Where It Hurts

by Hit The Fan

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No Bullshit, No Gimmicks...
Just Boom Bap & Lyrics...


released May 23, 2013

Recorded and Mastered at Counter Clockwise Studio by Wayne 'Lotek' Bennett



all rights reserved


Hit The Fan Melbourne, Australia

Classic DJ & MC Combination

"No Bullshit, No Gimmicks, Just Boom Bap & Lyrics..."

Independent Hip Hop! Uncensored! Untamed! Unstoppable!

Debut Album: Where It Hurts - 24/05/13

Hit The Fan host Two Weekly Open Mic Nights

That's A Rap -Mondays@First Floor
Got Skillz? -Wednesdays @Whole Lotta Love
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Track Name: New World
I've achieved nothing for so long, it's an achievment in itself
And the journey I'v embarked upon has made me someone else
And the person I've become will never run from what he's done...
Time for self evaluation, Time for self improvement,
Time to LEAD a generation contributing to the movement,
Ready and willing and able, laying my cards on the table,
Like a 'Man On A Mission', heavy like Mable,
With a WWF nostalgic disorder,
Clutch a camel with a camel clutch, Sargent, like Slaughter
Randy Macho Man who's Savage when it comes to the daughter,
Even if he didn't everybody thought that he ought-ta
With Excellence of Execution, ready for a revolution,
We take a step towards hereditary evolution,
We gotta be better than ever, ready like never before,
Are you waiting for a window? Or Kicking down the door?


To the 17 year old who is writing his first rhyme,
Sniffing his first line and losing his first mind
And missing the first sign as he walks down the track...
Welcome to the New World, There's NO Turning Back,
To The 22 year old who opportunity snubs,
Taking all these drugs and fucking in these clubs
And rolling with these Thugs, see his Soul Turn Black!
Welcome to the New World, There's No Turning Back!

Well, even now I look into the mirror feeling cynical
But when I'm at my pinnacle I'm nothing less than clinical!
It's hypocritical to say that I'm invincible,
Ask me off the record, I say I'm not convinced at all!
Make a tune, then we 'made it', the radio played it,
You love it or hated it but TELL me WHERE do WE take it?
Feeling Bitter and Faded forever Jealous and Jaded,
We opened up the gates and EVERYBODY's army invaded!
My five year plan failed TWICE in a row,
17... 27... Fuck, Where did it go?
Part of me rejoices at the fruits that I've tasted,
But the bigger part is YEARNING for the years that I've wasted
This is NOT an apology, there's nothing I regret,
I don't NEED your forgiveness don't you EVER forget,
Just no more empty promises of what we're 'gonna' do,
See you in 5 years, when we're both 32...

Track Name: Confessions

If I die tonight, don't wanna die a liar's death
The truth is all i have without the truth there's nothing left
If I die tonight I'd leave you as a tainted man...
So this is the confession, of Hit The Fan
If I die tonight, don't wanna die a liar's death
The truth is all i have without the truth there's nothing left
If I die tonight I'd leave you as a tainted man...
Just know that everything I EVER did was fucking planned
This is a Confession, FAR from an act of contrition
I shall do as I wish and Embrace how I'm living
The future's unforgiving so I'm clearing my vision
Because peripheral memories bring me under suspicion

Keeping it Real involves a level of honesty
A genuine policy not an idle philosophy
So if we're gonna do this shit, we're doing it properly
Casting out the demons that are constantly haunting me

Seven deadly sins ticked off seven days of the week
Feel the wrath of the gluttonous sloth, lustful envious fueled by greed
I want,Pride need, I warn you heed, I swing you bleed...

I digress, I must confess,
They say the past is the past but it haunts me none-the-less
Nobody to impress, it's causing me stress,
I can't live another day until I get it off my chest!

I'm a student who got Banished for his insolence
My only adversary... My biggest influence...
No support cuz I've earned none, built a few bridges and I burnt some
NOTHING is coincidence

I fucked that rat for two Whole minutes
Two whole months! After you decided I did it
The essence to my impotence was: falsifying Innocence
Plead the 5th, Smoke an 8th indulging my Ignorance

Accused of something I denied: "I swear to God I didn't do it"
Sorry God...I lied...
The man I thought I was has died
Maybe I'm just like my father he's never satisfied

Lavish lionesses living off the lions seed and swalloiwng the pride
ha, Bought a ticket took a ride
The women in my life? I didn't cheat on two
Ladies you can rack your brain and wonder if it's you...

Not a fussy man, take whatever I can find
If the front's fucked up, take em from behind
Convince her that she'll sober up if she comes back to mine
Make 'em pay for a taxi, have a wank change my mind

Definition of a swine, smoking up her last dime
Stepping over, looking back then shitting on the line
Incredible I even find time
They'd put me in prison if being a PRICK WAS AN ACTUAL CRIME

I'm the prince of the peasants perpetually unpleasant
"You're a Nice Guy Joe!" Being nice is a weapon
A confession, not a lesson I don't want your fucking blessing
I want Free Meals, Free Weed, 3 hour torture sessions

I know who i am, plenty more of me in store
Uncircumcised sushi, uncut raw
"If you don't give a fuck, what you write the track for?"
Hit the Fan KEEP it real, Now & Forever More!
Track Name: Goodbye Old Friend
What more could I do than represent you
Living like a family, an army, a crew

I was always broke, you would spoil me
A mere peasent in the presence of prepetual royalty
All you ever wanted was for me to be myself
Honesty, Integrity... Nothing but loyalty

Nothing but BIG clubs,eating the BIG drugs
Bumping into strangers and then giving em BIG hugs
Life was perfect with you as a friend
Everything was worth it I don't want it to end

No matter what happened we were together
Friendship forged in the flames fighting with fire forever...
The kinda bond you can't sever
More refined like wine with time, tougher like leather

Believe me, times got tough and things got rough...
Every time they talking shit we calling the bluff
Every time they poison us with terrible stuff...
We had each other, that was enough

Suddenly you started believing your own hype
Turning your back on people that GAVE you your life
Stay away from the dark, come back to the light
I'm not saying you're wrong but it doesn't feel right

Feel as if I don't belong in this place
Feel as if I can't run at this pace
Feel as if I had a gun to this face
Me and you are through... Goodbye Drum and Bass
Track Name: Cougar Hunter

A boy of 18 in 2003,
In a small little town called Burnham-On-Sea
The girls don't wanna know a guy like me
And Sex & The City was on the TV
"Uh-uh" NO! Do not procrastinate and masturbate,
Go to Cougar Town, go and repopulate!
Hit the internet and get a quick date,
Can't wait but I end up heading out late.
Jump in the taxi, crazily keen,
Done the research, packed the Vaseline.
Although I've got the Arabian Shen,
A camel wouldn't make it in the desert I've seen...
Got a mind so dirty, hard to stay clean,
Pre-Disposed to suck your toes and every crevace in between
Hands Down The Best man to get you Knocked up
Come round and smoke your sons green


I wanna growler, a grizzly grunter,
Far from a Five Star, Far from a Munter,
If you're a 'Past It' potential punter,
Who Ya Gonna Call? 'COUGAR HUNTER'

**Ding Dong**
"Before we go upstairs, you should meet my son Steve
He's about your age, Oh STEVEN!"
"Hey Bro.."


I'm a real nice guy, I'm tonnes of fun,
But I wouldn't leave me alone with your Mum,
As soon as you're gone, I'm motor-boating the Bum,
You'll turn form a friend, into a stepson,
Listen Steeeeve! It's a Family Affair,
I want Dani and Kyle, Madonna and Cher!
The girl from Transformers 2 with blonde hair?
When she's 37... I'm gonna be there!
Saturday's Step Son Steve understood,
Young Dumb Blondes are simply no good,
I told him to shower as a Step Dad should,
And sleep with a Cougar as Fast as he could!
Off goes Steve, into the wild blue,
I roll a big Spliff that I smoke in the Loo,
In walks the Cougar, "It's Just me and you...
Let me Show you what a Cougar Can Do...



The older the berry, the sweeter the juice,
Well your berry's so sweet that it's rotting my tooth!
Naughty at forty and I've seen the proof,
Getting busy til we're dizzy, Sweat Drippin form the roof,
It's the truth! She took me out in the rain,
Back of the bus, front of the train,
Mile high business up on the plane,
My face squished up to the window pane
Predator became the prey! What can I say?
It was Three whole days, I couldn't get away,
Tied up to the bed with a look on my face
Like "I really gotta find a way outta this place!"
Shit... So I plan my escape from a
Kathy Bates in 'Misery' style of first date,
I'd scream if my mouth wasn't cover in tape,
As I realize: She's Back, FUCK, I'm too late!

(chorus #2)
So, I got used and abused,
Rid like a Pony, beaten and Bruised,
I've bitten off more than I can chew,
You Don't Hunt Cougars: Cougars Hunt YOU!
So, I got used and abused,
Rid like a Pony, beaten and Bruised,
I've bitten off more than I can chew,
You Don't Hunt Cougars: None The Less...
I wanna growler, a grizzly grunter,
Far from a Five Star, Far from a Munter,
If you're a 'Past It' potential punter,
Who Ya Gonna Call? 'COUGAR HUNTER'
Track Name: Where It Hurts

I'm a Zombie and I've nibble on the wrong brain,
A vampire, feeding in the clinic again
I'm a terrorist, leaving smoking hot stains on Trains,
Ill gotten gains, clogging arteries and veins,
I'm a bare-faced liar, a million differing faces
For a never ending list of new places,
Rats in the Cage never knowing where the races is,
Ready to revolt? Put my people through their paces
"One More Thing" Columbo on the cases
A scoobydoo or 32 a Status noone Chases,
I'm not stepping with the Dub I'm Drumming on the Basses
Sick of people hating on my hating like I'm Racist!
Dubstep can FUCK OF! Smell it, now Take it!
Now it's making money, everybody wanna make it!
Maybe I should suck up all that sickening synth
And fall in love with taht shit, or just Fake it...

Never will you ever see me talking shit and faking,
Talking about the lack of money I'm forever making
Talking about the lack of ladies numbers that I'm taking
All I'm waking up to is a multi-pack of bacon! So,
Unless i am mistaken you'll see people always breaking
Moving shaking earthquaking no hating, Rating all of the graff and the skating
That's Awesome, Step One? Blatant! One Speed, One Gear, I'm impatient!
Gimme This! Gimme That! I'm not Waiting, No hesitating, kicking the gate in
No love for the rich white kids that are walking around and talking Jamaican
Come Kingston, meet Winston, your accent goes in an instant,
Til then I'm a little bit distant, hesitant and firmly resistant
That shit may fly with ya mates but, round here aint goin the distance
I'm paying dues on the Raod to Perdition,
Actions will always speak louder than bitching
Look in the mirror I'm a man on a mission
A Big Shark in a little pond I'm I'm goin Fishing...


We Hit The Fan... Where It Hurts...


I'm a Gladiator and a Collosium: Roofless
Mic-less or Boothless I'm leaving you toothless,
I'm useful, you're useless, a shitty smelling nuisance,
I don't wanna waste more time than I have to making moves with the moveless
I'm groovy, you're groove-less, I've paid my dues, you're due-less,
Quicker than quick and sicker than sick, you're far from sick, you're puke-less!
You're stuck on the stoop, I'm stoop-less, I'm Whoop! There It Is! You're Whoop-less
I'm a Can-Do Shampoo and you are fruity like Fructis,
I'm Like "daa da d'da daa" You're Like "Y, M, C, A"
I'm a genuine Kryptonian, you're a bit gay!
I'm gonna do for you what Eminem had done for Dre:
Teach you how to Rap! Send you on your way
Lesson 1! Pick a religion and just Pray!
You'll need a literl miracle and a Vicar to Fellay!
2! Try a Metaphor, get a lady Wet and Sore
That's the only reson that your daddy even Met Her For...

Met her for... no? Tough Crowd!Stand Long! Stand Tall! Stand Hard! Stand Proud!
Hit The Fan Baby, come to tell em what it's all about...

I'm a symmetrical bottomless pit, baby I'm flawless
Haven't had my first hit, Spielberg but Jawless
A criminal cross between Xena and Tekken without some
Back-flippin Asian: I'm Lawless
Apples and Yoga can suck a dick, I'm coreless
My core strength is fictional, Like your gigs,Tourless!
This Yawn * in bore us
This Noise *The mating cry of a porpus,
With a big botle nose, high heel and panty hoes
Bend ver let me show you where his favoutite flipper goes
Ambiguous with who I aim at in my flows
"Is it accidental or is it a style that he chose?" Who knows?
Point Missin.... Stop talking and listen,
Before I find a special place I can bury my fist in
I'm a man on a mission living a war of atttrition,
The big shark in a little pond, I'm goin fishing!
Track Name: One Night Only
I find myself lost and feeling so lonely,
I want true love, for one night only
It won't hurt if she never gets to know me,
I want true love for one night only

I want true love for one night only,
Don't take my number, don't want you to phone me
Coulda Shoulda Woulda but nobody ever told me
I got the routine down to perfection
Little bit of comedy and flirty affection,
Before you can say the words 'Massive Erection'
"Joe I feel like we're got SUCH a connection!"
Love for a lifetime's overrated,
I don't wanna get things complicated,
Emotionally numb and insulated,
Get it while the going's good before it's faded,
Once bitten, twice shy...
How many years of tears can one idiot cry? This caged Bird's gotta fly
Because there's So many women been catching my eye



In the jungle, you've gotta be smart,
Every single one of them is nice at the start
Some of them have even got it down to an art
Rippin off your balls while she tears out your heart!
I'm on a bit of a roll...
I've dug myself out of a bit of a hole
I'm BACK to the Joe Mooney everybody knows;
I have One Speed, One Gear GO! GO! GO!
"Room for One More?" YEAH! I guess so!
We can make a little sandwich: Ho-Joe-Ho
Six arms, six legs and a WHOLE LOTTA TOE,
We can do what you want for only One Night though!
Love for a lifetime's overrated,
I don't wanna get things complicated,
Emotionally numb and insulated,
From the woman that I miss and the Bitch that I Hated...

Afterwards, we can still remain friends,
Just the kinda friends who never speak again...
Track Name: Karaoke Rap

This is Hip hop, Hit The Fan got Business to conduct
We keep it real some people keeping it Fucked!
I'm from the UK! So I speak as such,
Maybe as I'm gorwin up I've began to lose touch
With these silly young pups, putting up with thier choice,
Personality trasplant with a Matching New Voice
We don't wanna hear impressions of Americans,
Maybe they don't realise they're insulting our intelligence.
It's irrelevent, people: There's no telling em
Hard to hear your message when your accent's so prevelant!
I'll throw a Diva fit! is This the competition?
I just can't work in these conditions!
Half Irish, Half Arab, Three quarters confused,
Cross-Bred Terrorist with a bomb and some booze
I'll smoke you like Tom Cruise Mom's Shoes, You LOSE
Alarm Bells are ringing, stop taking a snooze and...


Give yousrelf a slap, mother fucker this aint Karake Rap!
Hi The Fan Schooling! Who The FUCK you Think You Fooling?


Instead of rapping what they know some people changing how they living
So their contribution copies what a proper rapper's given
Perfectly funtional prefects going to prison
To be Convincing when they're spouting these calloquialisms
"Serving Hard Time, Gangster Ass Rhyme"
What you in for? Six Weeks for Unpaid Fines?
Cruel Crime Culture, Something's corrupted
Music is FREEDOM! use as instructed
Another fashion Tip: You should get a grip
In or out I really doubt that anybody gives a shit
Your story's like my patients: Wearing thin a little bit
And your cousin in Milwake doesn't make your voice legit,
Just Quit, Reinvent yourself as somebody who actually invents
Who the FUCk wants TWO 50 Cents?
Every word of what you say could very well be true,
You wanna keep it rea son? RAP LIKE YOU AND...
Track Name: Stop Pop Hip Hop Shop
I walk the streets like a predator, preying on the
Personality of anybody trying to Deal with this reality,
Cause and Cuaslaity, Karma Incarnate
Hit The Fan Assassin: Everybody is a Target!
Re-Brainwash, Re-Shape, Re-Mould,
Re Learn every lesson that you've ever been told,
ReFUND EVERY Fucking LIE you've EVER Been SOLD
Re-Discover EVERY Fire in the Pit of Every Soul!
Hit The Fan, Where It Hurts: You Know the Pain's Real,
The Numb Dumb Young NEED Something to FEEL!
Going for the throat of every teeny bopping fairy
With a Boat and watch them gloat about a Fucking Record Deal!
I'll make holes on you... Have you eaten? We can Bake!
You're 14? Tell me MORE about Heart-ache
If yuo Love being awesome and you're SO fucking Hot,
Get your Ass to the Mother Fucking You Know What...


The Stop Pop Hip Hop Shop Roll Deep
Kill these heretics while they sleep!
Gagged and bagged and tied to a seat
Cut out the tongues, rip out the teeth!

This goes way beyond beef
While you here a pop tune I hear a queef
Take a deep breath and listen again
It’s a piece of shit and this shit’s gotta end!
On a positive level, if pop is the devil
Then I guess it makes you and I special
Celebrity Star Wars and I play Chewy
In a handicap match with Simon & Louis
I got the real x-factor
With Danny Minogue strapped up to the back of my tractor!
All I really wanna do
Is get a red hot poker and torture a boy band or two
COME ON! Is it too much to ask?
For you to take that head from your ass
You know you just can’t stop
The choice and the voice of real hip hop


I sawed off their jaws with my own bare hands
I shat down the neck of all the boy bands
Every little detail was going to plan
There was still one thing that i couldn’t understand!
This is what the kiddies really wanna be
A wannabe, like the wannabes on TV!
I just kept killing, the just kept coming,
Of COURSE, i’ve gotta go straight to the source!
I kidnapped all those Management types
Executive Producers and things of the like
Strip Down, Hog Tie and look ‘em in the eye
Then told them the reason they’re going to die
Who’s first, COME ON! i want you to choose
I’m abusing you, ‘cause I feel abused
I’ll be swinging ‘til my knuckles are bruised
Don’t ever get pop and hip hop confused!
Track Name: Gonzo Boogie

We were lost in the desert when the drugs took hold
I had a bad feeling they would never let go
Whole galaxy of multi colored uppers downers screamer laughers
Am i gonna go bananas I don’t even know!
As your attorney I say that we’ve gone too Far?
Is that voice in my head the one driving the car?
He better be cuz i’m not gonna pay a fine
For some dreamed up fiend inside of my mind!
Go Nuts! Buy the ticket take the ride,
I don’t need you I’ve got god on my side
Come on! Pour me a drink
No No No, gimme a straw and fill up the sink
Did you know i’m something of an academic?
A doctor of anything hallucinogenic
Suido Generic I’ve been talking for ages
Fow the Huck did we end up in Las vegas?


We were up in the casino when the ether was peaking
and something inside of my brain starting squeaking
Jesus, has somebody turned up the heating?
Could it be the back of my hat was just leaking?
Is this not a reasonable place to park
I was trying to talk as I could hear myself bark!
Hands waving but always behaving
I’m an artiste and this is my art!
You can almost see where the acid wave peaked
chasing a dream that we never did reach
not yet, but fuck it, this might help
Dude, did you just eat all that acid yourself?
That's RIGHT! And I stand by my decision
A god given right to freedom in my journalism
This is Bat Country and nothing can save us
From the Fear and loathing Found in las vegas!
Track Name: Closet Human

I don't trust anyone enough to be honest
This is Just BULLSHIT that Rhymes
No one to thank, But ME, No one to Blame
I! Hold up three fingers, YOU! Read between the lines!
I'm sick of seeing such a silly slacker staring selfishly
And smiling in that mirror of mine,
I know exactly how To turn this Closet Human around
But doing absolutely nothing takes up all of my time!


The building ain't big enough for both of us baby!
Clarke or Calel have to DIE!
Feel like I'm disguised doing Daily Duty down the Daily Planet
Do I dig a diddy ditch or fucking Fly!
I'll trade the suit and tie and big old googly glasses
For a onesie with a cape and kicking criminals asses
Super Junglist! Flying round with Lois in Metropolis
You're killing us with Kryptonite illuminati Terrorists
I'm doing NOTHING but I know you're up to something so sinister
Bigger than a Puppet Prime minister
Skull and Bone Society, Rogering our right to be
People that we wanna be, taking our identity and liberty.
So much more potential with humanity
Sacrificing Unity for Viillainy and Vanity
University is bringing out the worst in me
It's hard to see people that I know I'm never gonna Be!


I got flows like Pinnochios Nose
When I promise that I'll call you: See how it grows
When I look down there's WOOD between my toes
Let's see how DEEP the rabbit hole goes!
A lot of different ladies meet a lot of different Joe's
In a lot of different places at a lot of different shows
Imaginary Joes always getting with the Ho's
But the real me is so cold his soul has froze
Yu get the me who I want you to see
Who is REALLY the person I'm TRYING to be
I'm always full of positivity and energy
ironically invincibility is KILLING me!
Fighting for Peace is Like Screwing for virginity,
Killing individuality takes tenacity,
write a REAL rhyme without a REAL personality?
Better than a day of Living Life in Reality!
Track Name: Daddy Issues

He just can’t be my father,
He just can’t be my father,
Isn’t there another son you’d rather
Force to come and deal with this palaver
He just can’t be my father,
He just can’t be my father,
Isn’t there another son you’d rather
Force to come and deal with this Drama!

Got Daddy issues, Giving me the Blues
Never wanna choose, stepping in his shoes
so much to prove but feeling confused
I’ll have to refuse I’m destined to lose
You look me square in the eyes, Sayin I'm gonna be killed for these guys
Before this, I was feeling fine, You put me in a bit of a bind
Just wanna enjoy my time, Less Thinking, More drinking wine
Too many better things on my mind, what about me that i still wanna find?
Who's he telling me, That this is the way that I’m goin to be?
I wanna big family, With a humble home and a wisdom tree
Mamma and Joe - the next door down, I know everybody in my town
This talk of a thorny crown, Has turned my world upside down!
-Jump on the camel and floor it, One big world and i wanna explore it
That goal you got for me you better get someone else to score it
I’m busy growing up, I’m 12 years old
I don’t wanna hear another word of what I’m being told! NO!!


Got Daddy issues, Giving me the Blues
Never wanna choose, stepping in his shoes
so much to prove but feeling confused
I’ll have to refuse I’m destined to lose
You look me square in the face,Saying I’m gonna king of this place
Rule here or serve there, I don’t care we’re losing the race
Branded with the mark of the beast on the
Back of my neck and my life is wrecked
No choice... No voice, All Idle hands on deck
Pearly gates and fancy food, Daddy just sat up there and stewed
He must have said something Devilishly rude ,
Cuz a million millennia of trouble ensued
I know, problem solved, They got the children involved
Those two just never evolved, their problems never resolved
I know you miss him I can see the sadness in your eyes
-Put your tail between your legs and just apologize- NO!!
Track Name: Domestic Silence
Two Star Crossed Lovers with a Story to tell,
Every day with you is Heaven but I met you in Hell,
In the clutches of an amimal and under his Spell, it was crippling
All the things he told me that he did to you were Sickening
When you wish upon a Star is anybody listening?
Cry yourself to sleep and wonder why the FUCK you missing him?
Hugging him and holding him and needing him and kissing him
Jump to HIS defence if anybody's ever Dissing HIM!
And I will never understand why a
Saint of a Woman Lovs a DEVIL of a Man
A new Day Dawned, The Villain got Warned
Never turn your back on a woman been scorned
I'm disgusted, that you never found a way to get yourself adjusted
Promise after promise after ALWAYS gettign busted
You should have never been trusted
Now open wide for a spoon full of justice!


In this world that we're living in, everbodys giving in
Feeling like you're feeling it but Nobody's listening
One More Voice crying out against the Violence
Drowned by the Sound of Domestic...


Wake up in the morning and you look into the mirror
What do a see? A cancer a Plague and Infectious Disease!
Bringing a Family down to thier Knees
But The Heart Always Knows What The Eye Never Sees...
You're a Coward! You never wanna facew reality,
Doing anything to hide your homosexuality
Dominating Women to assert your masculinity
If only I could get you for a minute in a room with me...
You had your chance, now it's way too late
You've only got yourself to blame you make your own fate
If life has taught me anything I've learned how to wait,
Before you go to Hell you're gonna see me at the Gate
One Last Dance for The Final Showdown, Pick a Date
You Can even Bring a mate
My heart Bleeds, i'm exploding with Hate...
How many Children get born out of Rape...
Track Name: Hit The Road
My Way or The Highway! HIT THE ROAD!
When I feel like I wanna just GO!
Foot to the floor and I head to the place
Where my Heart can BREATH and my Soul has SPACE!

From the silly little struggles that we face in a race
Where no matter what you do you're never happy with the Pace
Take a New CD from the Case
Up with the windows Same with the Bass
Every time I need Speed, like a fiend needs Weed,
I hit a pothole like a bag with a seed
Fell down for a time now I'm ON it!
Got a fire in the belly and the chronic under the bonet
Thriving when I'm driving then realisng:
hey This car is So wack!
Slow down pull the sunroof back,
sing along to a summertime track
So tense you feel yourself crack, \
Take a deep breath and hit the road Jack!
You drive past home Three more times and
STILL kinda feel like a few more laps!


From the people that I wanna drive past so Fast
They're a Blur and a Blur just aint gonna last!
I wanna make a Universal Impression
With ET hitting me up for rap lessons
"Human Relationship Status" GOOD"
It's more complicated under the hood,
Driving like I only though a Skywalker Could,
On The Darkside of Endor, giving me Wood, FORE!
Ripping up the intergalactic astroturf
The Golfers here are more grumpy than Earth,
Speaking of which, I'm gonna head back home,
A Galaxy far, Far Away... But No phone!
The way I feel when behind the wheel, In the ZONE!
The Universe can leave me alone!
Give a guy a break, give a dog a bone!
My way or, you know what? Just GO!
Track Name: Thank You Melbourne

Back in the Day before anyone paid you,
remembering all the things your friends gave you
All the world can do is hate you or rate you
Even if you make it, remember who made you!

Confused and irrational to Melbourne international I land
Despite having my whole life planned
Relationships at home were really getting out of hand
But I didn't come here just to bury my self in the sand
City Born, Country raised, Irish Arabian whinging pomme,
Pretty torn, always blazed, reknowned for hitting bongs
Now I've left the past behind me, I don't need you to remind me
Open mic is where you'll find me, time to get it on!
DAY 1: hit the city via tullamrine,
The most hip hop city I've ever been
The most SHIT HOT pretty girls that I've ever seen
But I'm busy on the sofa smoking St Kilda green.
My friend Ash doesn't wanna hear I'm missing my mrs
He gets me a job in the kitchen washes the dishes
So Ash, Lin, Eddy, from the bottom of my heart
I thank you for my last chance at a fresh start

Ash and Linnie went travelling, now I'm on my own
And a CBD Backpackers is the place I call home
I barely recognize a single name in my new phone
And the one girl I did fuck won't leave me alone
She's skinny and hairy and needs a fella to stalk
She wants to Wine about her problems: I give her a cork
I'm chunky and English, she wants to cuddle and talk
"Your accent's so hot, aye"... " I'm off for a walk
With Flinders behind me and Viccy market ahead of me,
Any rapper I meet on Elizabeth street is in Jeopardy,
Hoping that the mic is open baby well it better be
Working on my craft until I'm in a different Pedigree
Raised by Rocky Balboa and Hulk Hogan,
Joe Seth, Seth Green, Call me Seth Rogan
Hit the Fan assassin put the Showtime in Shogan
Flows so stinky put the B.O in Bogan

Zero tolerence for Bullshit, consistantly candid
Re-Branded leaving my old world dispanded,
The Big Man has landed, leaving myself stranded
You wouldn't believe opportunities I've been handed
People that I met and all the places I've been shown
My net-worth: Nothing! My network has grown
Zulu took me off the street and gave me a home
A place to work, rest, and play and call my own
MoneyKat's Joe Kim he was down for the cause
Puttin me in touch with Lotek, now I'm playing at falls
Every D&B Promoter got me tearing down the walls
Flying round the country always perform on these tours
Gig here, gig there, low pay that's fine
All I really wanted was a partner in crime
I got Daily on the beats and I got music on my mind
Hit the Fan where it hurts son, ready for the grind


Thank You Melbourne, for being so good to me,
For letting me ride your trams for free,
For letting me be who I needed to be
Giving me so many lovely ladies to see!
Fuck Melbourne, say it aint so,
In a few short weeks I'm afraid I have to go
Fuck Melbourne, you saved my soul
In a million more ways than you'll ever know, so...